About Rich

Rich grew up around Red Setters but was pretty sure he’d never be old or mature enough to own a dog of his own. So much to do, so much to see, not so much responsibility.

That all changed when he hit 27.

Too young for a mid-life crisis and buying a Ferrari, and too old to be rebelling and getting piercings, a dog seemed like such a perfectly sensible way to show the world he was growing up.

Instead, adopting Shadow actually helped him to rediscover the child-like joy of actually enjoying life, something he had forgotten over the previous 10 years of working too hard!

This blog is full of regular updates from Rich about the experiences of adopting a dog, owning a dog, loving a dog and turning from one boy and his dog into one man and his best friend.

About Shadow

Shadow comes from Limerick, Ireland. In December 2013, she is a 20 month black Labrador / Collie cross. She was rescued from the pound by the charity Many Tears and spent a month in a foster home before meeting Rich and his girlfriend Zoey.

Shadow is very intelligent and has a massive capacity for learning (something Rich is helping her with) and her favourite thing in the whole wide world is a ball, any ball in fact.

Shadow very much dislikes leads and if she could she would most certainly like to be a human and sit on the sofa like everyone else. A dog can dream, right?